Vagi-Seal – Virginity Restorer

Vagi-Seal - Virginity Restorer

Ever wish you could go back and restore your virginity Trade your Ho-Card in for your V-Card Unpop your cherry Save the money you were setting aside for vaginal rejuvenation surgery and get Vagi-seal, the Virginity Restorer, instead. Vagiseal promises instant, long-lasting relief from up to 40 years of banging. Vagi-seal even promises to bring the white back to your wedding dress. Instead of staying chaste before your wedding day, just take a Vagi-Seal after every tryst. Youll be fresh and pure like a new snowfall on a pristine mountaintop. How does this fancy technology work, you ask Why, its easy. Simply pop a Vagi-Seal in your mouth. They come in cherry, lemon, lime, orange and grape and look suspiciously like hard candies. 10 candies per box.

Price : Usd. 3.99
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